Rowland Mountain Would Like To Welcome Our Newest Intern: Akshat Sharma

akshat1Rowland Mountain is excited to welcome our newest Research Associate Intern, Akshat Sharma! He has only been working for Rowland Mountain for three weeks and is continuing to learn all the in’s and out’s of our business!
What’s your favorite thing about your experience so far?
I like the professional environement, the schedule, and the people that I work with. Everyone is extremely helpful. I really enjoy working on the team that I am currently working on; Russ and Jessica are awesome superiors to have.
What was your biggest fear coming into this position?
Making cold calls.
What would you recommend to a new intern?
The first week seems overwhelming, but make sure to stick with it and you will start to get it. Everyone is really helpful so if you keep at it, by the third week or so you should have most of the information down and begin to get faster and more efficient.
Congratulations Akshat on your new role at Rowland Mountain… Keep up the quick learning!