In an age dominated by anonymous career and social networking websites and an over fragmented staffing/recruiting industry, RMA stands out by taking a very hands-on leadership approach to service excellence and delivering results.

We understand that finding top talent or making a career change is a major decision.  Most don’t have the luxury of time or resources to sift through hundreds of choices to determine the best few.

That’s where we deliver.

We have the advanced technologies, compiled the comprehensive research, asked the most important questions and have the experience and highly trained human resources necessary to produce excellent solutions for your needs.

Now your search for excellence can be easier, more successful and sooner rather than later.

“RMA has always sought to fit the candidate not only to the job, but to the culture and personality of our company and management.”

Vice President, Commercial Operations

Our Mission

RMA brings highly effective leadership to our homes, workplace, and community.









Our Ethics

  • A candidates employment record, education, qualifications and salary requirements shall be stated to the employer/client as accurately and fully as possible.  Clients shall be advised by the recruiter if the recruiter disclaims liability for the accuracy of any information it transmits to the client.
  • A candidate shall be referred to the employer/client for interview only with prior authorization of the employer/client, which may be given verbally.
  • Confidential information relating to the business policy of employer/clients, which is imparted as an aid to the effective handling of their job requirements, shall be treated accordingly.
  • In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, a recruiter shall not attempt to recruit candidates for placement who are still employed by the company with whom they have been placed by the recruiter’s firm, unless the candidates directly request the recruiter’s assistance in seeking new employment.
  • Direct mail, bulletins and resumes of candidates presented to employer/clients shall represent bona fide candidates.
  • In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, a recruiter shall not attempt to recruit for placement candidates employed by a client company within one year of the most recent placement with that client company at the same location, unless the candidates directly request the recruiter’s assistance in seeking new employment.
  • Candidates shall be referred to employer/clients for interviews only on job openings for which at least verbal authority has been given by the employer/client.
  • Representations made to candidates about the duties, probable length of employment, hours, benefits and salary of prospective positions shall be in conformance with the best knowledge of the recruiter.
  • Precaution shall be taken against referring any candidate to employer/clients who are known to engage in illegal or questionable business practices which might jeopardize the safety of the candidate.
  • Information about a candidate will be used only for the purpose of finding employment for that candidate. Confidential information shall be treated accordingly.
  • A candidate shall be aware of charges, if any, before being permitted to incur any obligation for services rendered. Any monetary obligations, including interest charges, shall be fully disclosed in a written agreement, a copy of which shall be provided to the candidate, and it shall set forth any circumstances in which a candidate must pay for services.
  • No candidate shall be referred to any employer where a strike or lockout exists or is impending (according to the best knowledge of the recruiter) without being notified of such condition.

Our Team

At Rowland Mountain, we pride ourselves on building a highly effective synergistic team with a laser focus to achieve world class results by continuously delivering excellence.

Our CLIENT – RMA – TEAM – INDIVIDUAL  decision model serves as our compass and guideline that every associate of RMA embraces and adheres to. The individual is the foundation of our business, as none of the model works if the individual is not fully committed.  The total commitment every individual makes is to always keep the client’s wishes as the TOP priority followed by the interest of the company and RMA’s highly regarded brand; then the interest of their respective recruiting team; and finally the interest of them self as the lowest priority. This SERVICE focused personal accountability model fuels a synergistic team, 100% focused on delivering value to others. As Vince Lombardi famously stated, “Individual commitment to a group effort– that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” We firmly believe, and are fully committed to this principle of team performance.


Tricia Mountain, CPC
Tricia Mountain, CPCCEO
While most people think of communication in terms of speaking and/or writing, early in her career Tricia Mountain developed an appreciation for the often-overlooked value of listening—hearing what is said, implied, and not stated. She has built a lineage of executive recruiting and operations leadership successes on this foundation. Tricia’s clients consistently applaud her ability to find exceptional talent for their organizations because she listens to their requirements, makes sure she understands their business needs, and leverages her organizational development expertise to conduct the search. Her candidates sing her praises, as well, for her understanding of what constitutes a match for them and for the continuous updates she provides at all phases of the process.