When it comes to making the best investment to your company’s future, it is extremely important to capitalize on the opportunity to engage with Rainmakers.

RMA Rainmaker Spotlight highlights the top performers in the sales and marketing arena, across all industries. We call the candidates Rainmakers because these extraordinary individuals are capable of bringing the highest value to any organization. Rainmakers are the “super-sellers and marketers” in corporations, the real difference makers. They are the sales and marketing professionals who bring in the most business, drive the highest revenues, acquire more new customers, and sell the most new products and new applications with the best margins. Rainmakers not only make the difference; they are the difference. Rainmakers are rare and extraordinary; therefore, they are the most meaningful asset to your company’s future.

Where is your next Rainmaker coming from? And how are you going to get them in your organization? For the past years we have been bringing stellar candidates to your attention through RMA Rainmaker Spotlight. We would like to give you the opportunity to consider the most distinguished professionals in the industry.

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In today’s highly competitive markets, companies find that securing the commitment of dedicated resources and top priority status maximizes the speed and degree of success critical to their hiring needs while controlling cost.

    Why Engagement search?

  • Reduced Total Cost: With shared upfront cost with a retained agreement, RMA can often pass along additional savings to our clients reducing the overall total cost of filling the position.
  • Priority/Speed: Retained search has top priority over all other types of searches maximizing resource allocation for highest quality and speed of delivery.
  • Dedicated Resources: Retained search necessitates a team of committed resources supported with the latest technology tools to find the best fit for your organization.
  • Credibility: Retained search gives your company and the open position maximum credibility and leverage needed in the marketplace to attract the most sought after Rainmakers.
  • Search Process: A timely, custom assessment on the progress of the retained search is reported to the hiring decision makers.

Rowland Mountain & Associates partners with quality companies that place the highest value in acquiring and retaining Rainmakers.  Our clients recognize the significance of choosing a quality search provider to maximize the short and long term return on their hiring investment.

    RMA provides our clients with customized, pay-for-performance contingency search solutions that offer elevated priority options:

  • Container Searches: Many of our clients choose container search because they want the competitive advantage of a retained search with the pay-for-performance of a contingency search. A partial fee is rendered to start the search, with a pay for results through the process when candidates are interviewed by the hiring company and culminating with a final payment when the job is filled.
  • Engagement Contingency: Entering into an engagement with Rowland Mountain will prioritize your search above exclusive and traditional contingency searches with an initial partial deposit/fee with no added total cost.
  • Exclusive Contingency: This is the highest priority of contingency search with zero up-front cost.
  • Traditional Contingency: Our traditional, non-exclusive contingency searches have no up-front cost and payment is rendered only after an RMA candidate is hired.  RMA assumes all upfront risks and cost an
Whether you need to hire 2 or 200, quality results and speed to fill are critical to optimum success. Highly competitive global markets of today demand more and better value faster. Our proven experience with multi-hire processes allows RMA to work effectively with, or serve as, an extension of your human resources to develop and implement multi hire initiatives. A project team is mindfully assembled to meet your needs and to provide concentrated and dedicated effort on the project focus. A thorough and comprehensive plan is developed that requires a total mutual commitment to the execution with clear, agreed upon expectations for communication and feedback. Daily or weekly scheduled meetings with management reports are customized to individual client preferences and project scope.
RMA can help you turn a small investment in Human Resources into major dividends for your organization. We can help you by training your hiring managers in proven, effective interview and selection methods. Improvement in these areas will significantly increase the quality and performance of your work force, enhance team-building efforts, improve succession planning, enhance diversity and increase retention.

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