When it comes to making the best investment to your company’s future, it is extremely important to capitalize on the opportunity to engage with Rainmakers.

RMA Rainmaker Spotlight highlights the top performers in the sales and marketing arena, across all industries. We call the candidates Rainmakers because these extraordinary individuals are capable of bringing the highest value to any organization. Rainmakers are the “super-sellers and marketers” in corporations, the real difference makers. They are the sales and marketing professionals who bring in the most business, drive the highest revenues, acquire more new customers, and sell the most new products and new applications with the best margins. Rainmakers not only make the difference; they are the difference. Rainmakers are rare and extraordinary; therefore, they are the most meaningful asset to your company’s future.

Where is your next Rainmaker coming from? And how are you going to get them in your organization? For the past years we have been bringing stellar candidates to your attention through RMA Rainmaker Spotlight. We would like to give you the opportunity to consider the most distinguished professionals in the industry.

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