Improve Your Office Organization Skills

Keeping your office organized can be an extremely influential factor when trying to maximize productivity and thus increasing profitability. Almost everyone has had to waste time trying to find where a certain document is located, whether it be shuffling through stacks of paper or clicking through folders. This is just one example of how being disorganized can increase costs. Writer Barbara Hemphill of has made six suggestions that can help anyone get organized in her article, “Six Ways To Improve Your Office Organization Skills:”

  • Use your wastebasket frequently.
  • Learn to manage your “to do” list effectively.
  • Implement  a system for keeping track of names and telephone numbers.
  • Create a filing system that works- easily and consistently!
  • Improve how you manage your time in meetings and on the telephone.
  • Manage your paper on the road as well as you do in the office.

She stresses that organization is something that takes consistent practice to get better at it. Visit the article above to read details about each suggestion and unlock an essential door towards increased productivity!