Rowland Mountain Welcomes our New Associate: Zack Spillers

Rowland Mountain is excited to welcome our new Search Associate, Zack Spillers! He has only been working for Rowland Mountain for close to three months, and is on top of his game when it comes to sheer call volume.
What’s your favorite thing about your experience so far?
Working in a company that has very high levels of integrity and great personalities. It has so much positive energy and synergy and allows for a great work-life balance.
What was your biggest fear coming into the position?
Lack of knowledge of industries that I have never been exposed to before.
What would you recommend to a new associate?
Don’t be scared of the information coming at you “like water from a fire hydrant.” You have to you take it in stride and keep moving forward and learn from your mistakes.
Congratulations Zack on your new role at Rowland Mountain… Keep up the amazing work!