The Cost of Work-Life Imbalance

Although we have written multiple articles giving tips and ideas on how to maintain a balanced life with respect with time spent at work or outside work, we wanted to stress the costs of having a poor work-life balance, with work outweighing the rest of your life.’s article “Work-life balance: Tips to reclaim control” highlights these cost, and goes on to suggest tips on how to re-balance the scale. It is important to remember that keeping this balance is an ongoing process, and takes continuous efforts.
Some of the consequences of this imbalance:

  • Fatigue: Working too much can cause you to be too tired to think clearly, and can be detrimental to your reputation or cause costly mistakes.
  • Lost Time: Working all the time means your more likely to miss important family events or milestones. It can also cause your relationships to suffer.
  • Increased expectations: If you create a pattern that people recognize, it may cause them to give you more responsibilities which only snowballs the problem.

Visit the article above to read in more detail and to find out a few tips to help you reclaim your life back!