Increasing Productivity: 15 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Happy

The working person spends such a significant amount of time in the workplace, that it can truly become an essential variable in your employees day-to-day happiness. More than intuition tells us that more happy workers are indeed more productive workers, and can drastically effect motivation levels.
In efforts to explain the “secret for keeping their start-up employees happy and motivated,” the Young Entrepreneur Council interviewed 15 successful young entrepreneurs and shared “15 Ideas for Keeping Your Employees Happy:”

    1. Have a Little Faith in Hires: Don’t overestimate the cost of small failures initially.
    2. Ask How They Are… and Actually Listen: Employees will either smile and say “fine” or take the opportunity express a concern.
    3. Concert Tickets, Anyone?: Giving memorable experiences far outweighs simple monetary gifts.
    4. Stretch The Flexibility: Everyone has a different work rhythm, give a little a freedom.
    5. Too Cool for School? Think Again: Provide opportunities to learn.
    6. Freedom and Fluidity: Let them act as a partner in defining their role.
    7. Light Up That Ladder: Empower your employees and let them grow with you.
    8. Tailored Rewards: Ask how your employee would like to be rewarded.
    9. Don’t Call it Happy Hour For Nothing!: Create a feedback-friendly sharing environment.
    10. Team Transparency and Collaboration: Regularly define goals and go over the schedule for the week.
    11. Create Intrapreneurs: Let employees work on a project of their own choice but that also benefits the company.
    12. Give Promotions When They’re Earned: Recognize achievements and dedication.
    13. Invest Beyond Business Matters: Add value to them.
    14. Good Ol’ Gathering at the Grill: Fire up the grill and kick back with a great group of people.
    15. Are You Happy and Motivated?: Lead by example and put forth the same positive attitude you want people to have.

Click on the article linked above to see each entrepreneur and read in more detail how you can enable your employees to be happy and ultimately, better employees for your company!