Discover Your Career Path From College in Four Steps

We have all come across the extremely familiar question around college graduation time: Where do you want to be in five years? For some, this question can be a quick, easy answer; while for the majority, this question is one that we ourselves not only are unaware of, but do not even know how to come to start making that decision!
To help create an easy pathway to making this critical decision or understanding where it is you want to be five years in the future,’s author Emily Bennington describes four steps in aid in this process in her article, “4 Steps to Discover Your Path From College to Career.”
I want to highlight these four steps:

  1. Grab you laptop or a notebook and go to your favorite place on campus.
  2. Sit quietly for five minutes with your eyes closed, breathing deeply in and out.
  3. When the five minutes are up, open your eyes and do some free writing of the experience.
  4. Try this exercise at least once or twice a week for a month.

Visit the article above to read more direction and a description for each of these points and be on your way to where you want to be in five years!