Motivated Senior Engineer Professional Seeks Project Management Position

Motivated and successful Senior Metallurgical Engineer is seeking a Project Management position with a runway for growth into a Facility Management position.  This professional is well educated, with both a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering and an MBA from a prestigious university.  During their education tenure, this individual won an engineering scholarship, was an active member in an honor society, and was part of a group of select students to join a leadership program.  After college, this professional was recruited into a major company to be a Metlab Supervisor.  Since then, they have been quickly promoted to positions with increasing responsibility up to Senior Metallurgical Engineer currently.  During their professional career, they have successfully implemented several cost saving initiatives, saving their company millions of dollars.  This professional would like to move into a more customer-interfacing role to utilize their interpersonal skills and business acumen, such as a Project Management position.  If interested in this rainmaker, please contact Jessica Brown at 404-327-5219 or