What is Your Business New Year’s Resolution?

It’s time to welcome 2012.  While everyone else is making resolutions to lose weight, work out more, or eat healthier, why not try a little different tactic and make a business-related New Year’s resolution? 
Here are some ideas to improve your business behavior in 2012:
1.  I will get more done in less time so I don’t have to work late as much.  I will be more productive!
2.  I will not be afraid to aggressively pursue that promotion that is coming available this year.  I will make it known I want it, and prove I deserve it!
3.  I will complete my work remembering quality is better than quantity.
4.  I will not be too intimidated to tell my superior my true thoughts on a project, as long as they are constructive.
5.  I will better appreciate my coworkers.
6.  I will get to work 30 minutes early to plan my day in advance.  A well scheduled day is a more productive day!
7.  I will take my subordinates ideas into better consideration.
8.  I will not be pressured to make any quick hires this year, but find the ideal candidates for the roles.  If this happens quickly, great.  If not, we will find them.