How to Identify the Candidates that Will Outperform the Rest

When coming up with candidate requirements for a new job opening, it is important to remember to consider the “soft skills” necessary to thrive in your organization.  If screened for these soft skills accurately, the candidate that has the right mentality to overcome the challenges your organization possesses (every organization has them) will become much more apparent. 
So how should you go about figuring out who these candidates are?  According to “Hiring for Intangibles,” in, the first step is to determine which intangibles are necessary to screen for.  When determining this, it is important to remember that not every intangible is relevant to your organization– don’t get bogged down trying to screen for every intangible that seems would lead to an ideal employee, but focus more on the ones important to your specific organization and the specific role.  Specific examples are given in the article referenced below.  From there, you should create interview questions molded around that specific competency you are screening for.  And finally, it is cautioned in the article to make sure to screen for sincerity in the responses. 
Read “Hiring for Intangibles” for an in-depth explanation for these hiring techniques.