How to Remain Calm During a Job Interview

Being nervous in a job interview isn’t uncommon to interviewers, regardless of the career progression of the interviewer.  Even people who have been in the business world for 30+ years can become victim to butterflies in the pit of their stomach if they don’t take the necessary precautions before the interview. 
Larry Buhl, of MSN careers, suggests several ways to calmly conquer your job interview.  First and foremost, Buhl suggests “putting yourself in the interviewer’s shoes.”  The people interviewing you are people just like you, and are doing their best to fill the job with the person that can best do the job.  Being intimidated by the job interviewer will not keep you calm– remember their purpose and you should feel more comfortable walking into the room.  In addition to this tip, it is also highly suggested to prepare as much as possible for the interview.  Having an extensive knowledge of the company will help you with your responses to the question, and will avoid any questions specific to to the company that you would have to dance around.  The internet is a great resource to research the company.
Buhl highlights four more tips to being confident and jitter-free during an interview.  Read more to become a confident interview professional.