Hug a Recruiter

As a recruiting firm, this article spoke to us and the work that we do for our clients everyday, we well as providing a good laugh.  The article, “10 Reasons Hiring Managers Should Hug Their Recruiters,” by Lou Adler, outlines what great recruiters are to their clients and why everyone here at RMA could us a great big hug! The reasons being…
1. Recruiters make hiring EASIER
2. Recruiters save you time during the process
3. Recruiters can help shape/define the job
4. Recruiters assist in raising the talent level of your department
5. Help make you more productive (you have more time to do other things)
6. Recruiters can minimize your need to motivate and coach the unmotivated
7. Prevent potential job hopping hires
8. Recruiters can help you meet your team’s goals
9. Recruiters can help you be a better manager
10. Recruiters can help you get promoted faster
The article has a second section involving what is helpful for hiring managers to know before engaging in a professional relationship with a recruiter.