“If Only…”

We all have an idea in our minds that, “if only______ would happen, things would be so much better!” especially when it comes to our professional lives.  But what if that sort of thinking is a trap? The article, “5 Things That Won’t (Necessarily) Make Your Job Better,” by Rebecca Webber goes through common wants and wishes and what the possible reality of getting those things might look like.
1. Shorter Work Week
ASSUMPTION: More time to do the things you love that will make you happier, not to mention more sleep!
POSSIBLE REALITY: The extra time is rarely used on the activities we would want it to.  Also, studies show worker satisfaction remained the SAME as when they were working more hours
2. More Vacation Time
ASSUMPTION: Some time off is nice, so more time off would be AWESOME!
POSSIBLE REALITY: it’s not now much time you have off that matters, it’s how you spend the time you do have! Studies also show that countries that offer more paid vacation days can report lower percentages of happy workers than countries offering less PTO.
3. Getting that promotion
ASSUMPTION: More power, more money, more respect
POSSIBLE REALITY: a sudden jump in salary won’t yield complete and total happiness.  The satisfaction may also be short-lived as our brains make a quick transition to thinking of the next milestone we should hit.
4. New Job
ASSUMPTION: If I am not happy at THIS job, then a new one will make me happier
POSSIBLE REALITY: Though this might be very true, and your time to move on has come; it might be your attitude towards certain aspects of your job, and not your job itself.
5. DO more “meaningful” work
ASSUMPTION: do good, feel good
POSSIBLE REALITY: what you are doing has to have meaning for you. Receiving recognition for the work you have done and continue to do might just do the trick.
Visit the article for the full disclosure of each topic including links to studies done, and further examples.