Lighten Up

Laughing is one of the best things you can do, but did you know it can improve your leadership skills as well? When things get serious, remember to lighten up!  The article, “8 Ways Using Humor Will Make You a Better Leader,” By Kevin Daum lists simple ideas on how you can use humor and laughter as a management strategy and how it could be beneficial to you AND your team.  Laughing…
1. Helps Energize people
2. Creates Memories- endorphins from laughing lock memories in your brain (i.e. you ALWAYS remember a funny story)
3. Breaks Tension in times of conflict
4. Puts things in perspective.  You shouldn’t take life or yourself too seriously
5. Liven up the work place and productivity will soar!
6. Di-fuse uncomfortable situations; use humor to break the ice
7. Builds an office bond
8. Most importantly, Makes you FEEL GOOD! It is proven to lower blood pressure, boost immune system, reduce stress, act as a natural painkiller, and give you an ab workout!
Visit the article to learn comedian George Wallace’s take on laughing with some direct quotes to enforce the points above.