Going Above and Beyond

No matter what environment you are in- whether it be social, school, or office- there is always one person who is coined the ‘overachiever’.  This is someone that everyone should be in a work environment, but a balance between overachieving and being a ‘show off’ should be maintained.  The article, “4 Ways to Go Above and Beyond at Your Job,” by Katie Douthwaite, wants to help you do just that, providing ways to go the extra mile without going too far.  They are…
1. Actively use the feedback from your peers/manager
2. Anticipate the work that needs to be done and get a head start
3. Voice your ideas/opinions
4. Go above the call of duty
These tips put into action are sure to gain you the right kind of recognition without earning any snide stares.  Visit the article for further details on how to implement these into your office life.