Tips to Get More Done

Time is a limiting factor in all of our lives, and getting more out of our time can be difficult.  The article, “14 Simple Ways to Get Considerably More Done,” by Jeff Haden lists everyday decisions and changes we can make to be more productive.  They are…
1. Don’t take on ego-charged tasks
2. Surround yourself with things that make you happy
3. Don’t be so competitive
4. Practice saying ‘no’
5. Eliminate 1 extra-curricular activity
6. Set deadlines/limites
7. Prepare your day at night
8. Re-do your morning routine
9. Re-do 1 daily task
10. Eat 1 more more efficiently
11. Outsoure tasks
12. Fix 1 thing that you mess up or forget regularly
13. Re-think your commute
14. stop multi-tasking so much
Visit the article for more in-depth explanations on how to re-think these things and why they can help you be more productive.