Glimpse into the life of a Rowland Mountain Intern

Hello, my name is Mary Cate and I am one of the summer interns. This is my third week at Rowland Mountain, and what a fun week it has been! We moved offices over the weekend. After 11 years of being in the same office building, that is over 2800 days that Russ and Tricia have driven to the same place. What this means? The interns finally have the upper hand at something! At most, the interns have driven to the old building 10 times. On Wednesday morning, Russ made an announcement that anyone who drives to the old building accidentally has to ring the Salt Lake City Olympic bell that is in the office, a dunce cap of sorts. He followed this by ringing the bell. The new office building is much different than the old one but it is great. The new office space is more inviting. Everyone is closer together so it makes it easier to communicate.

After two weeks of doing research, I was given my marketing projects (this being the reason I am starting the blog today instead of two weeks ago). I will now be doing half research and half marketing which will be nice to be able to switch things up mid day. I will be editing information about RMA given to clients and candidates, keeping the blog and Rainmaker Spotlights up to date, among other things.

Well I think that’s about it for this week!