How to Pursue a Job Using Social Networking

With the way that technology is constantly changing, it is sometimes a struggle to keep up and really use social networking to your advantage. One tool that can be really helpful is LinkedIn. You create a profile which is more or less an online resume. If you get connected on LinkedIn and keep your profile up to date, it can be an extremely beneficial tool to your job search or professional networking. A few tips from an article on the LinkedIn website:

1. Use “Signal” to discover relevant news and information

2. Export your connections

3. Create a resume

4. Start and use groups

5. Customize your URL

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Another form of social networking is Twitter. It is an up-and-comer in the business world. This might be an unlikely way to land a job interview or even a job, but there are some tricks to make this work for you. It is a way to get to know the potential interviewer in a more personal level in a less intrusive way. Another reason Twitter could be a good idea is if you are following a company you are interested in, if they tweet anything, you get the information at lightning speed which can help you get the upper hand against someone else going for the same job.