Employee Spotlight: Harris Nye

Name:  Harris Nye
Hometown:  Charlotte, NC
Position:  Search Assistant
Background:  Harris is taking a year off before attending law school.  He was referred to this position from a pervious intern and friend from college, Chris Hurst.
Education:  The Citadel– Bachelor of Arts in English.  Class of 2011
What do you love about recruiting?  Rowland Mountain has a great environment.  Everyone is very friendly and gets along, which makes it a productive environment to work/recruit in.
What jobs do you most enjoy recruiting for?  Audiovisual jobs
How has Rowland Mountain played an integral part in your career?  Harris believes Rowland Mountain has provided a positive professional experience that will help in future endeavors.  It has also given him very good interview skills that he has passed along to others as well.
What do you enjoy doing during your free time?  Reading, playing basketball, watching The Wire, and listening to country and classic rock music.  Harris is currently into Towns Van Zan music!
Interesting/fun fact about yourself:  Harris admits he enjoys listening to Britney Spears