Read to Gain Insight on How to Become a Crucial Member of Your Organization

At Rowland Mountain and Associates we specialize in recruiting “rainmakers,” or the most indispensable members of a company.  These individuals have extremely high levels of expectations for themselves and deliver upon these expectations thoroughly.  The results of these change-makers are felt throughout an organization and largely an organization can trace its success to these individuals. 


While some people seem to be just born with inherent traits that drive them to success, there are ways for any average Joe to increase their competitive value in the job market.  According to the article “Making Yourself Indispensable,” in the Harvard Business Review, successful leaders “cross train” their abilities.  The usage here of “cross training” is not much different than its meaning in the sports world; however, in the business world it refers to establishing areas of strength in an individual’s work competencies and building off of them. This is done by targeting complementary competencies that may be weak.  To paint a more clear picture of this practice, the article mentions an individual with innovative strength would benefit from strengthening their ability to create change, a complementary trait, in order to create a more strategic and ground-breaking change. 


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