Connect With Your Interviewer With 3 Simple Steps

It is always a good idea to prepare for an interview before hand, but what you can’t prep for is how your personality will mesh with that of the hiring manager.  Chemistry and connection with a hiring manager is a key component in landing the job.  You want to avoid sounding robotic and rehearsed, and build rapport with the interviewer to give yourself the best shot at success.  The article, “3 Ways to Instantly Connect With Your Interviewer,” by Katie Douthwaite, offers three simple tips into engaging an interviewer in a conversation rather than a question and answer session.  They are…
1. Observe their behavior and mirror it
2. Ask questions throughout the interview instead of waiting until the end
3. Listen to the interviewer’s answers and model your responses after theirs
The article goes into further detail as to why each of these tips can help during an interview and how to implement them into your next meeting.