Getting Started on Your Job Search

The first thought when debating starting a new job search might be, “how hard can it be?,”  But finding a job can prove to be a full-time job in itself, and can be more complicated than you originally thought.   The article, “Job Search 101: How to Get Started on Your Hunt,” by Katie Douthwaite tries to answer a few common questions that a job searcher might have such as…How do I find job listings?
Q: “How do I find job listings?”
A: There are multiple resources you can utilize such as job boards, apps, your network, and reaching out to specific companies
Q: “How do I search?”
A: Make sure your search is narrow enough to pull out specific positions of interest.  Use keywords and some website allow you to refine your search by location, salary, and other characteristics.
Q: “How do I use my network?”
A: inform your friends, family, colleagues that you are looking for a new position and ask for any information or leads they may know about.
Q: “What do I need to have to apply?”
A: the basics include a cover letter and a resume, and possibly work samples or a portfolio if the job requires it.
Q: “How long before I get the job?”
A: No two job searches are the same, and it might take awhile, but staying positive and motivated and you are sure to land just the right job
The article goes into further detail about these questions and even provides further reading material for each section.