ALWAYS Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

After being happily employed for a few years, resumes tend to gather dust, which is seemingly OK when not debating starting a job search.  BUT…an up-to-date resume can be one of the most valuable things you have in a professional career.  The article, “6 Good Reasons to (Always!) Keep  Your Resume Updated, ” by Erin Greenwald lists why it’s important to keep your professional history polished.
1. To present yourself as in expert in any professional forum
2. If someone wants to nominate you for an award
3. To pick up some side work
4. For recruiters or potential collaborators
5. If a promotion becomes available
6. Worst case scenario- you NEED it
Keeping your resume up-to-date is a great way to avoid scrambling to fix/remember all of your accomplishments for when you actually need one.