Achieving an Interview with Creativity

As you search and search for jobs, you may be finding it difficult or rare to get a call back. It is almost as if it has become harder to get a face to face interview than the actual interview process itself! For those who are tired of simply waiting to hear back from a company only to never get a call back,’s, “4 Creative Ways to Land the Interview” dives into creative activities job seekers can do in order to help get into that first stage of the hiring process that seems so hard to land: the initial interview.

  1. Think outside the white paper: Sometimes, it can help to add aspects of design or artwork to your resume, given that it is relevant to your job. Although not suitable for all positions, adding a little bit of creativity in this aspect can distinguish you enough to get that call for an interview.
  2. Create a tailored proposal: In addition to your resume, creating a proposal that truly explains how you can add value to their company. Think about sending in proposals for solutions to current problems that exist in the company. This will not only show value about your skills, but also says something of your work ethic and character.
  3. Put yourself on camera: This adds a new aspect where your employer can learn about you that goes beyond a piece of paper. Showcase your abilities with a website or video, and allow them to “meet” you virtually while inspiring them to meet you in person.
  4. Create your own campaign: This means taking the job search to a new creative level by submitting their applications or resumes in a completely non traditional format. Create a website, presentation, or anything creative that is out of the ordinary to help you land an interview.

Click on the article above to read examples of creative presentations, resumes, and more detail of each one of these four tips.