Your Someday Job Search

So you are currently employed at a job you LOVE, but that might not always be the case; and when that day does come for you to start your search again, you will want to be prepared.  The article, “4 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Someday Job Search,” by Katie Douthwaite helps you be prepared for your long term career goals by offering tips on how you can stay prepared for a job search, whenever the time comes.
1. Keep your resume up to date as you go.  This includes tracking major projects and accomplishments.  This way you don’t have to rack your brain later to remember all you did in your previous jobs.
2. Continue your education: Aim to add trainings, certifications, degrees, etc to your resume (see #1).
3. Keep networking: A great contact can go a long way now or in the future.
4. Stay inspired and in-tune with your long term career goals.  When the time comes to search, you will know exactly what you want!