Your LinkedIn Profile is a Valuable Resource: Take Advantage!

LinkedIn has turned into a very valuable networking tool for everyone in the business world.  However, some LinkedIn profiles are designed in a more marketable way than others.  So how can you enhance your LinkedIn profile to make it more marketable?  Jeff Haden, of, offers six ways to update your LinkedIn profile to achieve more marketable results.
Haden’s insights are incredibly useful to create a LinkedIn profile that screams professional and savvy.  These recommendations include targeting keywords more specifically to separate yourself from the masses, picking select and powerful keywords to highlight in your headline, eliminating the jobs from the beginning of your career (if your career is well along its way), finding ways to draw your personality into your LinkedIn page (professionally of course), scrutinizing your profile picture to determine if it is doing your professional resume justice, and seeking recommendations.
Read further to fully grasp the marketability of your LinkedIn page.  What you thought was simply a social media outlet can be so much more.  Take full advantage of Haden’s insights as they can only benefit you.