You CAN Avoid Hiring the Wrong Candidate!

As mentioned in one of ourblog posts last week, the ability to foresee whether or not a candidate will fit in the organization is in your hands.  According to the article “How to Prevent Hiring Disasters” in the Harvard Business Review, knowing what characteristics are valued and thrive across the organization is a great place to start.  There are several ways to come up with these traits; for example, they could be collected during an annual performance review by asking raters to consider what personality characteristics the individual possesses.  The company can then analyze which traits are thriving within the organization, and target those traits during interviews.  However, a company filled with the same, exact people would not be a productive one, and one must remember diversity is key to productivity and creativity.  Considering this, though, if you find your company values a certain trait such as integrity  it would behoove the organization to continue to find people that display this competency.
In addition to screening for compatible personality characteristics, Amy Gallo highlights the importance of on-boarding.  If a candidate is not given adequate on-boarding even the most qualified, perfect candidate could fail.  Don’t let your hard work in the interview process go to waste by slacking on on-boarding! 
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