Why Employers Make Counteroffers– It’s Not Why You Think!

If you have been in the interview process while still currently employed, chances are you have wondered about or been extended a counteroffer.  Of course, your ego tells you that they would extend a counteroffer because your company cannot possibly function at such a high level without your specific skill set.  While this may be true, the real reasons counteroffers are extended are generally very different than that.
Alison Green, of Yahoo News, has compiled several reasons that support accepting counteroffers as a poor professional move.  Resigning from your position makes it obvious you are unhappy with your current situation, and despite your reasons it will affect your relationship with your boss and the company.  Often times, the counteroffer gives the company more time to hire your replacement.  They will end up letting you go as soon as this occurs since you are not the loyal member of their team.
Green offers several more valid points to consider before even beginning to think about accepting a counteroffer.  Read the article, “Why You Shouldn’t Take a Counteroffer,” to gain more insight and statistics on employees being let go after accepting such a counteroffer (hint- it is a high percentage!).