Tough Interview Questions

There are a handful of questions that you can probably guess will be asked during an interview, such as questions surrounding your resume or geared towards personality, that you can prepare for.  But what about when you are thrown a curve ball? The article, “10 Interview Questions that Trip up Interviewees,” posted on covers tips to answering these tough questions without fumbling or hesitation.  They questions are…
1.What do you know/think about this company?
2. Tell me about yourself?
3. Why do you want this position?
4. What makes you the better choice for this role?
5.  What do you like about the job, how would you make it better?
6. Why should we hire you?
7. How long do you think it will take to get adjusted?
8. Why are you looking for a new job?
9. What are you looking for in salary?
10. What do you see changing in this industry within the next few years?
Visit the article to learn how to combat these questions during an interview process and why a potential hiring manager might be asking them.