Things You Can Do TODAY To Be a Better Manager

Becoming a better manager involves constant growth and learning, but there are simple things you can include in your daily activities to jump-start that process.  The article, “Ten Things To Do Today To Be A Better Manager,” by F. John Reh lists 10 things to help you on your way to becoming a manager.  They are…
1. Start with the best team
2. Motivate your team
3. Build your team to work together
4. Be a leader, instead of just a manager
5. Improve your communication skills
6. Manage money better
7. Get better at time management
8. Personally improve
9. Manage within your ethics
10. Take breaks
If you picked one of these things each day to focus on, by the time two weeks is up, you will be a better manager! Visit the article for additional resources on how to improve in each of these areas.