The Power Of Cultural Fit Within An Organization

Surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges facing a new employee is not whether or not their skill set will be strong enough for the role, but whether or not they fit into the cultural dynamic of the organization.  In fact, Ritika Trikha, of, quotes a recent study of Mark Murphy’s (the author of Hiring for Attitude) that found almost half of new hires that do not work out are not let go due to a lack of technical skills, but for personality reasons.
Considering this, it would highly behoove a job seeker to ensure they are joining an organization that compliments their personality, as they cannot control their personality type.  Being able to learn a skill set is possible.  Changing who you are is not so much.  And why should you?
The article, “4 Reasons Job Seekers Should Consider Cultural Fit,” is a wonderful and informative article surrounding the cultural fit necessity.  Educate yourself on why cultural fit is a critical element of a job search.