Marketing Champion in Consumer Products Poised for GM Role

Marketing champion in consumer products poised for GM role.  In a relatively short time frame, this professional has risen in the ranks from a sales representative in a mid-size company to Marketing Vice President in a Fortune 500 company.  In the toolbox of this building products champion, you will find sales, marketing and R&D leadership.  Across industrial, retail and commercial channels, this visionary leader has developed successful teams to structure brands and create brand dominance.  This dynamic leader has successfully managed organizations through restructuring, reorganization and relocation.  Thriving on strategic challenges, this visionary has grown operating income despite inflationary pressures and recession woes.  This Rainmaker has achieved great strides in his current role, but is hungry for greater challenges and a larger set of responsibilities.  If interested in this Marketing Champion, please contact Katherine Carrier at 404-327-5210 or