Taking Steps to Avoid Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is 100% illegal. Why then, some argue,  is it still very prevalent in the corporate workplace despite consistent denials from the very companies accused?
One of the biggest contributing factors is that when discrimination by age occurs, it can be hard to identify. This also make prevention even more difficult. It is important for companies to take the time to take the first step towards eliminating this sort of discrimination by becoming informed and understanding exactly what constitutes age discrimination, as well as the potential problems it can pose for your company.
By utilizing training sessions, ingraining concepts within your company culture, and revising your hiring and structures, you can start to provide a supportive work environment for employees of any age.
Go to allbusiness.coms article, “Avoid Age Discrimination in the Workplace,” to read specific points to remember when hiring to not only ensure you do not unknowingly participate in this discrimination, but also to help create a positive culture within your organization.