Survival Tips for New Job Jitters

Starting a new job can be the trigger to a mountain of unwanted stress, and it may seem impossible to overcome.  With new jobs come a new officespace, new responsibilities, people, systems, and rules.  It is important to know that fear of the unknown is natural, and you are not alone in your aprehension of walking straight into it.  In her article “Survival 101 for New Job Jitters: Not Only for the Faint Hearted”, Olivia Bosman details 6 steps to surviving new job stress as the following…
Slow Things Down
Learn to Soak it all up
Get your Manager on your Side
Plan to WOW
Get Down to Earth
Facing Fear vs. Anxiety
Bosman further describes how each step with benefit you in a new job environment, as well as how to avoid uncomfortable, and awkward circumstances.