Success Before Breakfast

The beginning of your day can be the most important time; it sets the tone for your waking hours before the day is done.  It is the time you can spend on your TOP priorities, things that need to get done right away.  The article, “12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast,” by Jenna Goudreau forces you to question if you are starting your day with productivity in mind, by offering a outline if what successful people do starting with waking up. They…
1. Wake up early
2. Excercise.  They make time for it no matter how busy they are.
3. Work on a top-priority task
4. Make time to nourish their passions and hobbies
5. Spend time with family
6. Connect with their significant other
7. Network
8. Meditate
9. Write down what they are grateful for
10. Plan and Strategize
11. Check Their email
12. Read the News
Take a minute to reflect on your morning routine; does it contain any of these 12?
Visit the article for more in-depth examples of how successful people implement these into their pre-breakfast rituals.