Stumped With Envisioning Where You Will Be in Five Years?

“Where do you want to be in five years?”  This question can make even the most confident interviewer feel a little sick to their stomach.  Many people go into an interview hoping this question won’t be asked, and don’t truly prepare for the importance of this question.  However, this is such a personally defining question that it should be thought about regardless of whether or not you are interviewing. 
Amy Gallo, of, warns against answering the question the way you think the hiring manager wants.  The point of the question is to determine your aspirations, and if you are not honest in your answer you may get stuck in a role you are unhappy with.  Your answer to this question should center around your values, goals, and your motivation to get to that place.  Read “Where Will You Be in Five Years” to further learn how to tactfully and truthfully answer this daunting question.