Employee Spotlight: Kim Rubin

employee-spotlight-kimName: Kim Rubin
Position: Business Manager/Human Resources
Hometown: Kim is a native of Atlanta, GA!
Education: Kim earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Arizona State University
What is your favorite thing about working for RMA?  Kim enjoys the flexibility of being able to contribute to RMA by utilizing her knowledge from prior experiences.
What have you gained from working for RMA?  Kim has gained knowledge of Human Resources as well as the business of Recruiting and what it entails.
What have you learned about the recruiting world by working for RMA?  Kim has learned that recruiting can be a long process, but is very financially beneficial in the end.  Kim believes as experience grows the potential is endless. 
What do you like to do in your free time?  Kim enjoys hanging out with her daughter, Devin, and exercising– especially running.
What are some interesting facts about you?  Kim used to be a business owner: She owned two Planet Smoothies and owned a decorating business with her brother!  Through this she has experienced both working for herself as well as others.  Kim also studied abroad in London for a semester studying business!