Six Ways to Improve Office Management

“Organization,” not be confused with “neatness,” is an integral part of any office setting. The definition of “organized” is very simple, yet differs between individuals; you have to find what works best for you. In her article “Six Ways To Improve Your Office Organization Skills” Barbara Hemphill outlines key things to remember:

1. Use your wastebasket frequently

2. Learn to manage your “to do” list effectively

3. Implement a system for keeping track of names and telephone numbers

4.Create a filing system that works- easily and consistently

5. Improve how you manage your time in meetings and on the telephone

6. Manage your paper on the road as well as you do in the office.

It’s natural to feel worse before you feel better when undertaking any new organizing process; that’s because change is difficult, even when you’re open to it. Learning new behavior takes time and it doesn’t have to happen overnight.
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