Rowland Mountain Extends Our Sincere Gratitude to Our Veterans

From all of us here at Rowland Mountain & Associates, we are extremely grateful for the service of our troops and want to send a heart-felt Thank You to all that have served our wonderful country.  The impact each and every one of you have made upon our country and it’s freedom is immeasurable, and we all know our lives would not be anywhere near the same quality as they are today without your selfless service. 
Juliette Lovell, a current Rowland Mountain employee, served in the Air Force for 4 years.  She also earned the US Air Force Commendation Medal and the US Air Force Good Conduct Medal.  We love Juliette and sincerely thank her for her service, as well as her contributions to RMA!
Thank you, Veterans!  Below are some personal thank-you messages for our Veterans:
Our happiness, our jobs, and what we know to be the daily norms of our lives are only possible because of their sacrifice.  To the Veterans, thank you for being the backbone of our country.
–Dan Barna, Search Associate 
Our freedom, safety, and peace of mind are all owed to our nation’s veterans and to their families who have sacrificed through their many deployments and training.  Thank you for your tireless effort to protect our country.  You’re in our hearts and our prayers.
–Harris Nye, Research Associate
May God bless those that serve this country and are willing to give their lives to protect our freedom – THANK YOU!
–Tricia Mountain, Search Executive
Whether they served in peace time or in times of turmoil, all of our veterans have my respect and my deepest appreciation.  They dedicated a portion of the most productive years of their lives in service to our country.  Thank you Veterans!  I am so grateful for your service and sacrifice!
–Katherine Carrier, Search Executive
Big thanks to all of those who have and are currently serving in the Military!  Thank you for defending our Nation and our Freedom!
–Katie Owens, Search Associate
Thank you for making the necessary sacrifices that have kept our country safe and prosperous.  Our nation can never repay what you have given.
–Edward Missinne, Research Associate
I’m grateful to all of our United States Soldiers and Veterans for your service and protection of our freedom.  My prayers and respect go out to you and your families.
–Jessica Brown, Search Associate
I appreciate everyone who has served for our country, and all their efforts to keep our nation safe.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage to serve our country, and though I may take it for granted at times, I am truly grateful for our veterans.
–Christopher Luke, Research Associate
Thank you to all those who have served selflessly to protect our great nation and our freedom.  Words cannot describe how much you have done for our country, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
–Martelle Warner, Marketing Associate