RMA Enters the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) & Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Market

RMA is currently looking to speak with Regional or Branch Managers for either an OEM of NDT or Environment Monitoring equipment or a regional or national distribution channel partner anywhere in the US for a very unique leadership position with a global industry leader.  This is an opportunity to lead a P&L for a large region of an  organization poised for growth!

Responsibilities include directing sales strategies, marketing plans, and operational procedures to impact the bottom line.  The person hired for this role will be directing a team in each of these areas.

General Description

The Region General Manager is responsible for leading regional business operations, including formulating and recommending sales and marketing strategies, and operational procedures that will improve the regions competitive position and profitability. Specific major responsibilities include ensuring all safety, hazardous shipping and export compliance requirements are met, managing  and coaching employees, develop and maintaining customer relationships, manage regional sales functions (direct and indirect) asset management, growing the regions revenue EBIT and EBITDA, maximizing equipment utilization and provide assistance to other regions as needed to achieve division goals.

We are looking for:

1. Growth minded, proven managers with quantifiable successes in increasing sales team results through sound sales management practices.

2.  Strong operational delivery of products and services while meeting profit and loss objectives.

3.  Some knowledge/experience in any of the following markets:  Non Destructive Testing (NDT); Ultrasonic (including A, B, and C-scan) eddy current, ACFM, magnetic particle inspection (MPI) unltraviolet, thermography, positive material identification (PMI) x-ray fluorescence (XRF), ground penetrating radar (GPR).  Traditional equipment for measurement of hardness, thickness, paint and coating inspection, corrosion, crack, and flaw detection, corrosion, porosity (pinhole) and ferrite, additional instruments for composite and bond testing, rebar location (covermeters) for concrete, ANDSCAN, phased array, rail testing, acoustic emission and ROHS / WEEE evaluation.  Thermal cameras for FLIR Systems; high specification infrared (IR) imaging systems suitable for electrical testing and thermographic surveys.

Enviornmental Engineering Testing and Inspection markets to include enviornmental monitoring; analyzers, detectors, monitors and samplers for cleanroom testing, occupational and industrial hygiene applications.  Multi-parameter water quality meters measure conductivity, total dissolved solids, resistivity, temperature, pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) dissolved oxygen and turbidity for groundwater, borehole, contaminated land and soil, river and stream testing; peristaltic and bladder pumps, leak detection, ultrasonic flow meters, oil interface probes; water level loggers; confined space entry gas monitors that detect hazardous gases CO, CO 2, H2S, ozone, mecury, oxygen, methane, NOx and other toxic vapors (vapours) monitoring indoor / outdoor air quality; flue gas; combustion and EPA / MCERT approved stack emission monitors; heated lines and flame ionsation detectors (FID), portable gas analysers; dataloggers; HVAC instrumentation including Photo Ionisation Detectors (PID) for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detection, personal sampling pumps, respirator fit testing, microbial samples, calibrators, light meters, humidity, heat stress, airflow (vane and hotwire) anemometers and dust particulate and aerosol monitors for TSP; PM 2.5 and PM 10 measurement.  Noise, vibration and sound level meters (SLM), dosimeters, seismographs, real-time analysers and intruments for hand-arm and whole body vibration monitoring using triaxial accelerometers.

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI); photographic equipment, flexible endoscopes, videoprobes, videoscopes, fibrescopes, rigig boroscopes for aircraft engine and turbine inspection and cavity surveys; pantilt and zoom, pushrod and robotic mini-mainline crawlers for pipe, duct, tank and vessel inspection; drainage and sewer CCTV surveys; waterproof, intrinsically safe (IS, EX and ATEX) explosion proof systems from iPEK, Olympus, Pearpoint, Inuktum, Minicam and Everest.


For more information contact:
Wes Washington
404.325.2189 ext 224