Is the recession really over? Not the right question!

But, in a one word answer, yes.  The worst is behind us overall, not withstanding the actual lingering debt of the massive bailouts.  I plan to tell my grandchildren that the deficit is all their spoiled parents’ fault.
When all the second quarter data for ’09 gets tallied, I predict the technical end will be factual.  The dow has risen a thousand points in July, and the media is more consistently positive than the past 18 months. 
In our business we have  just set three new all time production record highs this month, and our search pipeline is growing with new clients. 
We have a new Search Executive starting in August that we are thrilled about, and we are actively looking for more. Feel free to check out the opportunity in our job postings for more information.
Others in our industry are seeing an increase in their search demand.  What NEVER made the news is that throughout this recession companies were strategically filling critical talent gaps while still cutting headcounts overall where they could.  That’s how the better, stronger search firms survived. The “War For Must Have Exceptional Talent” endured.  Feel free to quote me on that one.
Forget about recession questions.  What are the better questions?  How prepared are you for the post recession challenges and opportunities that exist for you and/or your organization where the demand for exceptional talent will be unprecedented?  How will you sort through the masses for the elite?  How will you find the time to look for a progressive move?  Who do you know and have as a trusted resource to help you achieve your specific outcomes? 
All the best to all of you in getting the right answers to the right questions at the right time.  All of us at RMA stand ready to help you in any way we can.
Russ  Mountain, C.P.C., Senior Executive Partner, Rowland Mountain and Associates, Inc.