Re:Loom is Seeking a Sales, Marketing, Operations & Communications Manager for Their Non-Profit Organization

Re:loom employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautifully-designed products out of upcycled materials. Proceeds support weavers’ salaries and the Initiative for Affordable Housing (IAH) to reduce homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia. As a program of the IAH, re:loom is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in Decatur, Georgia. Their rigorous, holistic social services program empowers individuals to reach personal goals and achieve independence.

The Sales, Marketing, Operations & Communications Manager will be responsible for the both developing strategy and the overall execution of the business plan. They will spearhead all marketing and sales activities, including website management and the use of social media. They are seeking someone with high business acumen who has the desire to give back to the community to create a positive change. Candidates must have:

  • 3+ Year’s Sales and Administration Experience
  • Strong Understanding of new Marketing technologies
  • Good Project Management Skills
  • Desire to Work Beyond Normal Scheduled Work Hours
  • Commitment to Improving the Lives of Others and the Lives of Those the Non-Profit Serves

This is an amazing opportunity to join a very respectable and impactful cause that is still in its beginning stages, creating a huge potential for growth. With the right leadership and strategy, this project can extend beyond its local scope and truly make a nation-wide impact in its maturity.