Positive Reinforcement

In the hopes of avoiding punishing their children for unacceptable behavior, parents provide children with positive reinforcement to ensure good behavior is rewarded with a “warm fuzzy” feeling that kids strive for. The same goes for the work place: having something positive to strive for in the form of praise or incentives, breads increased productivity and improved office mood; as opposed to dreading what might happen if we let our work slip.  An article by Chris Joseph from Demand Media titled, “Why Is Positive Reinforcement Important in the Workplace?,” concentrates on just that; how your business can be improved by using positive reinforcement, and why it is so important.  Some benefits include….

  • Sense of Worth
  • Encouragement of Good Behavior
  • Boost in Workplace Morale
  • Helping New Employees Fit In

The article further details each section, providing examples and how each bullet helps improve the workplace.