Only 2 Weeks Left To Participate! Russ Mountain Memorial Scholarship

Please help us carry on Russ’ legacy and consider a donation to the Russ Mountain Memorial Scholarship today.

Last week, I referenced my last professional email I received from Russ to share in a post. Last week I shared his own personal “What & Why” and this week, I share his “Where & How” Another perfect post as we close out the final weeks of fundraising!

Where do I fit in? (My Role)

Create a sustainable legacy and profitable work environment that contributes to the long term success of all our stakeholders.


How? (Appropriate Engagement)

Hire, develop, empower and retain high quality likeminded professionals who have the internal drive, intellect, courage and willingness to L.E.A.D.


Provide the necessary tools; resources; facilities; processes; standards of high performance with accountability, rewards and recognition for a winning, team oriented culture.


Inspire and encourage creativity, having fun, and continuous growth and improvement for all associates.


Communicate eye to eye, speaking and expecting ONLY the truth building trusting relationships.