Now What? – Post 4: Maslow’s Needs: Professional Fulfilment

In a recent article Gitterman published, he shared “My understanding of the power of giving came about many years ago, when I was just starting out as a financial advisor. One of the initial appointments that I’d have with any new prospective client is what we call in the industry a ‘fact-finding session.’ The idea is simply to gather data like their Social Security number, date of birth, place of work, the kind of house they live in, income, assets and so on. One day, I was getting out of my car and about to walk into a prospect’s house to try and sell some insurance. I was way behind on my bills, and my mind was racing about how much I needed the sale. Desperation poured out of me as I caught my reflection in the car window. I stopped and looked hard at that reflection, and thought: ‘Who would want to buy anything from you? Look at how desperate you look!’”
Gitterman says it was in that moment that he dropped his needy mentality and met with the prospect looking to give without expecting anything in return.
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