Make Your Resume “Bulletproof”

Your professional resume is the very first thing that is seen by companies, and is often the dictating factor in the employing company’s decision to move a candidate forward. Because of this, there should be a lot of time taken to ensure that your resume can get you past this first barrier and allow yourself the opportunity to show the company other aspects to your character. has provided 10 tips that can help make your resume bulletproof:

  1. Use Titles of Headings That Match The Jobs You Want
  2. Use Designs that Grabs Attention
  3. Create Content That Sells
  4. Quantify and Use Power Words
  5. Analyze Ads and Job Descriptions to Identify Key Words
  6. Identify and Solve Employer’s Hidden Needs
  7. Sell the Benefits of Your Skills
  8. Create An Image That Matches the Salary You Want
  9. Prioritize the Content of Your Resume
  10. Tweak and Target Your Resumes and Cover Letters

Visit the link above to read in more detail information about each of these tips and make your resume be the last one standing among your competitors!