Leveraging New Technologies and Business Applications

From social media to apps – and hybrids where apps run on social media platforms, there is no doubting that business as usual never will be business as usual again.  In fact, a high-tech New York agency recently posted a job on its website for someone who will “solve large, complex problems in the areas of transaction and business systems for the next generation of travel, hospitality, and commerce sites.”Consider how a contractors use apps today. They can estimate how much product they need using an online app. They can pull historical data on similar jobs. They could even search the best practices white papers from the OEM for details on the application of the product.  If needed, they could look at the weather app, see the forecast for the projected installation date and determine if the temperature and moisture will be suitable for application. Then they can order the product, schedule the delivery, and assign sub-contractors. This is simplistic but imagine the complex business operations that can be simplified.What kind of questions is your business asking going forward?  What are the technology topics? Dynamic media platforms, apps, augmented reality apps, integration of apps to existing data platforms? How do you introduce apps to your pro channel and solidify a partnership? How do you stay in front of consumers who will be making buying decisions?Exciting applications abound, but success will ride on asking the right questions for the organization, getting the best answers and continually applying the appropriate technology for the job. 
–Katherine Carrier, Search Executive