A Story of How GE Recruited Elite Talent

Some time ago, General Electric, in preparation for a major expansion in its plastics division, decided to conduct a study of their recruiting efforts over a five-year period. The goal was for GE to determine which of the many recruiters they employed had been the most effective in attracting elite talent to GE.


GE had been using an evaluation system that ranked employees in terms of potential and performance, with employees ranked A, B, or C in potential, and scored 1, 2 or 3 in performance.  This nine block assessment placed the elite talent in the A1 block.  In evaluating the recruiting firms, GE determined that over the five-year period Rowland Mountain & Associates delivered the most candidates who had become A1 employees.


The candidates Rowland Mountain brought to GE proved their value through superior performance. Isn’t it time you looked closer at the quality your recruiter brings you?


Russ Mountain, CPC

Senior Executive Partner