Keep Your Brain Innovative

Innovation is a key aspect of forward progress: what’s the next BIG thing? Our brains can get clogged up in the mundane and become stuck in the everyday grind, which is when most people lose their creativity.  But how do we train our brains to retain clarity and innovation? Geil Browning, author or “8 Ways to Keep Your Brain Innovative,” found the fog cleared after spending some time in the African Serengeti. With that being said, we all can’t go to Africa every time we need inspiration.  Thankfully, Geil provides 8 ways to prevent burnout that you can accomplish right here in your own world.  They are…
1. Work Less
2. Clarify your goals
3. Schedule/track your time
4. Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep
5. Learn to say no
6. Delegate
7. Have a life outside the office
8. Periodically unplug
Make use of these tips to learn how to make your life less busy, and your brain wont get bogged down. Work smarter NOT harder!